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Modern wooden cabinets with a black, smooth countertop for kitchen in Springfield, Illinois

Springfield Illinois: The Top 5 Countertop Color Choices for Your Solid Surface Countertops

Believe it or not, choosing a color for a kitchen countertop is much harder than it looks. There are so many factors to consider, both large and small, that can weigh in on your decision. Instead of giving you a vast list of all the colors available on the market, here are the top five colors that many homeowners cannot seem to stay away from when picking a countertop!

Freckled White

Let’s face it, while they may seem a little plain, a white countertop continues to be a classic and timeless look that homeowners can’t seem to get enough of. Regardless of the material you choose, all manufacturers are going to have multiple variations of white.

Freckled white, whether in the form of natural stone or imitated through laminate or acrylic designs, a classic, sparkly white is a true favorite for modern home renovations. White countertops look great with dark-colored or solid wood cabinets and can really brighten up a space that has a lot of natural dark tones and fixtures.


A natural wood colored countertop holds a significant amount of character that can truly turn a house into a home. Depending on the aesthetic of your kitchen, fixtures, and appliances, choosing a wood-colored countertop can be just what you need to bring it all together.

A light-colored wood placed on white or pastel shaded cabinets provides a relaxed or rustic look that can make a smaller kitchen feel twice the size. Larger kitchens tend to incorporate dark colored woods better as they create a formal and cozy atmosphere.

It’s important to note that wood countertops are edgy and unique – meaning that they only fit in the right type of environment, so it’s always good to grab some samples and try them out in your space before making a final decision.

Modern dark brown kitchen island countertop in Springfield, Illinois


Some homeowners are hesitant to use black countertops even in all-white kitchens for fear of making the space keep dark and uninviting. If the inspiration for your kitchen comes from gothic literature or medieval architecture, you NEED a black countertop! If not, you should still consider it a trendy option that can harmonize with the light or ashy tones within the floors and fixtures.


Gray colored countertops are the perfect choice if you cannot decide between a black or white countertop. Soft grays are the easiest to match with; if you have white, cream, black, navy, or even metallic colored cabinets or decorations, a soft gray countertop is going to bring out all the light elements within those dark colors you’re trying to contrast.

A darker gray is going to the opposite, it’s going to bring that contrast to all of your lighter elements in the room and truly create a unique statement in your kitchen.

Dramatic Designs

Smooth, dark kitchen countertop in Springfield, Illinois

These colors are going to mainly be a part of the granite, quartz, or marble family. Dramatic designs include traditional stone looks that are becoming just as popular as freckled white countertops. Any shade of granite or marble from white to black is going to add a lot of character to your kitchen that just cannot be replicated by solid countertops.

Glossy finished marble is a design that will immediately attract the eyes of all guests, for the better or worse depending on the rest of the kitchen’s layout. These specific stone colors are usually recommended to match the surrounding space since they already have such intricate designs.

The image below shows a dark brown and white streaked marble countertop paired beautifully with dark-colored cabinets and rustic features.

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