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White, seamless countertop island sitting within a modern kitchen.

Meganite® Solid Surfaces are Revolutionary in Springfield, Illinois

Meganite® is a family-owned business that has been operating for over 40 years to provide the utmost quality acrylic solid surfaces on the market. Using only leading ingredients, Meganite® is the perfect choice for your kitchen countertop. Not convinced? Read below to find out firsthand why acrylic countertops are better than any other solid surface to date.

Bacteria Resistant

Meganite® prides itself on hygiene and food safety, so what better way than to make their acrylic countertops nonporous. Resisting all dirt, grime, and bacteria, acrylic surfaces never need to be professionally sealed.

No longer will you have to worry about pasta sauce, coffee, ink, or other substances staining the surface – Meganite® countertops are void of pores found in cheaper and less durable materials.

Smooth, grey countertop used as an office desktop.Environmentally Friendly

It’s no secret that concerns about the environment can heavily influence major manufacturing companies and the production of their products. Meganite® is certified by the SCS for using recycled materials in their most popular surface colors that are perfect for family and business settings and suitable for all health requirements.

If you are not only looking for a durable, bacteria-free countertop in your kitchen but also looking to help the environment, Meganite® has proven to be the leading choice in the solid surface industry.

Elegant Design

Maybe all these certifications aren’t as high on your list of requirements for a new countertop — and that’s okay! Meganite® has HUNDREDS of color options in a variety of imitated materials like granite, marble, stone, concrete, and quartz.

Do you want rounded or squared edges? How about a matted or glossed finish? Meganite® carries designs for all personality preferences and guarantees that you with find a product that not only lasts for decades but will continue to embody an elegant design that will never fade.

White, acrylic countertop with a sink & faucet in the corner in Springfield, ILAffordable

By this point, you are probably wondering, “Okay, but how much?” This is, most likely, the first thing potential customers look at when deciding on a countertop material. Compared to all-natural stone countertops, Meganite® surfaces are significantly less in price. Depending on the color, style, and texture, acrylic countertops have a wide range of pricing that is specific to the business you are buying from. Ray’s Countertop Shop takes pride in offering affordable acrylic countertops for homeowners in the Springfield, IL area. Call us today at (217) 483-2514 for more information on which acrylic style is right for your home or business!

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