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  • Cultured Marble Countertops throughout Central Illinois

    Cultured marble is a material that many homeowners find appealing for their bathroom vanity selection. This material offers a variety of styles, shapes and natural beauty. Contact us for an estimate.

    It is not a completely manufactured material. In fact, it uses the dust from natural marble, combined with liquid polyester resin, to create a look that is natural and beautiful. Natural marble makes up about 75% of the finished product.

  • While it’s only been around for about 40 years, it has burst on the scene and become a popular product for bathroom remodeling. Benefits of working with this material include:

  • • Highly durable • Comes in a variety of colors and patterns
    • Great for sinks, basins, tubs, backsplashes & more • Matte or high-gloss finishes available

  • Carstin Cultured Marble

    This product is one of the most versatile on the market. Allowing you to get the look of marble, granite or other natural stone while taking the shape of any surface that you need.  Click their logo for details about all the options we offer from Carstin.