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  • Kitchen Cabinet Accessories Springfield IL

    Ray’s Countertop Shop has the ideal cabinet hardware and accessories to help you achieve the ideal functionality and aesthetic of your kitchen and bathroom. Our designs are attractive and efficient, guaranteeing to last for years to come. Whether you are looking for Tresco Lighting to help illuminate your cabinetry or in need of cabinet organizers to provide storage space and organization – Ray’s has what you are looking for. Our products are from some of the most trusted brands in the industry and help keep your cabinets in quality condition.

  • Cabinet Lighting

    Tresco Lighting is an innovator in debut lighting answers for store apparatuses, business shows, and kitchen cabinets. Praising 20 years of "Advancement Through Illumination", we gladly plan and assemble a full line of predominant quality L.E.D., Xenon and Fluorescent lighting alternatives that are UL/ETL recorded.

    The up and coming age of our prevalent T5 Trescent Series. The restrictive diffuser creates a smooth even light yield which copies its fluorescent partner. New endcap configuration takes into account about zero holes in LED light when connecting the installation to the apparatus. Produces lumen yields like T5 fluorescent while lessening vitality utilization by 30%. Calm, murmur free, interior stabilizer. Speedy u-cut mounting. Accessible in dark or white completion in 3 shading temperature choices.

  • Special Features

    • 30% less consumption of energy than fluorescent lighting
    • Commercial grade 3-year warranty
    • Commonly found in displays, office furniture, backlighting, soffit, perimeter, and cove lighting
    • Instant-on & instant brightness
    • No hum or flicker noise
    • Available in six lengths
    • Slim end cap design eliminates dark spots when linking

  • Cabinet Organizers

    Ray’s Countertops is here to transform your way of organizing your storage for your kitchen and bathroom cabinets with pioneering designs from Rev-A-Shelf. Having revolutionary cabinet organizers are designed to make storage better, items easily accessible and even increase your home’s value. If you are looking to increase your storage area and be able to have more room for your pots and pans; trying to eliminate hard-to-reach spaces, and looking for something with functionality and durability – browse our selection here. From Lazy Susans for your spices to wine racks for your bottles and glasses, explore your options today.