Sinks & Faucets

Sink & Faucet Countertops throughout Central Illinois

 From preparing holiday meals to a simple glass of water, the sink area is one of the most used areas of your entire home. Additionally, they play a major role in the appeal of your kitchen or bathroom. With a variety of styles, colors, and finishes available, we can help you find the sink and faucet combination that fits your lifestyle.


 As one of the most used fixtures in your entire home, the aesthetics of your kitchen and bathroom hinges on why style and finish of faucet you choose to accent your design. We work with manufacturers that provide a wide variety of styles and finishes for faucets, and we’re more than happy to help you find what fits your design needs!

We carry a variety of sinks in different styles, colors, and finishes

Top-Mount or Drop-In Sink

When it comes to installing a new sink, one of the most popular options is a top-mount or drop-in sink that installs from above. They are cut based on a template with a hole cut in the counters for a sink to be inserted from above. The rim is sealed with silicone. These are sometimes called rimmed or self-rimming sinks.

Under-Mount Sinks

With under-mounts, the concept is the exact opposite. The sink is attached to the bottom of the counter with special fasteners. The benefit of these sinks is that crumbs and water can be swept right into the sink, making cleanup a breeze. 

Dual-Basin Sinks

These are sought after because of the space that there is to wash on one side and dry on the other. Double sinks are multipurpose, versatile and a great choice for any kitchen that gets heavy usage.

Single-Basin Sinks

A single-basin sink may include under-mounts or top-mounts. As a general term, single-basin sinks are just that, single basin. However, they are great options for redecorating small kitchens where space is at a premium.

Farmhouse or Apron Sinks

 Sometimes called “country style” farmhouse or apron style sinks are distinguishable by their white color and their large single basin. Many times, these are installed as a free standing table, without countertops surrounding them.

Bar/Prep Sinks

Sometimes, you need counter space outside of your primary kitchen space. Whether it be a prep space or room for a bar, these include single basin sinks that are slightly smaller than your traditional kitchen sink. This adds utility and helps save on space.