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    When it comes to countertops, granite remains the most sought-after material due to its variety, strength, and durability. Additionally, Quartz, or engineered stone, offers the same durability with additional variety in choice of color. But how are you supposed to choose between the two of them? Each type has their benefits, of course, but what’s best for your will depend on the specifics of your home, design tastes and project budget. Stop by our showroom to discuss different options for countertops for your home design.

  • Granite Countertops

    • Granite Countertops are Mined of Pure Stone • Varieties of Color • Durable

  • Granite Manufacturers

    We provide granite countertops from the following manufacturers:

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  • Quartz Countertops

    • More Variety of Colors • More Consistent • Low Maintenance • Manmade Product

  • Quartz Manufacturers

    We provide quartz countertops from the following manufacturers:

  • hanstone quartz springfield illinois msi quartz springfield illinois silestone quartz springfield illinois vitara quartz sold near springfield illlinois wilsonart laminate springfield il

  • Granite/ Quartz Edge Profiles