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  • Springfield Illinois: The Top 5 Countertop Color Choices for Your Solid Surface Countertops

    Believe it or not, choosing a color for a kitchen countertop is much harder than it looks. There are so many factors to consider, both large and small, that can weigh in on your decision. Instead of giving you a vast list of all the colors available on the market, here are the top five colors that [...]

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    Springfield IL: The Benefits of Having A Butcher Block in Your Home

    What are the Advantages of a Butcher Block? Butcher blocks in Springfield, Illinois have gained popularity since the commencement of modern kitchen remodeling. Most people still do not understand the reasons as to why every kitchen needs a one. The butcher blocks are made using wood pieces that are[...]

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    Commercial Countertops

    We at Ray’s don’t just do residential. We do commercial products too! We have done several projects for the community in Illinois and Iowa. From businesses, medical field, assistant living buildings, churches, and restaurants. There are several products that can be used depending on the [...]

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