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the benefits of having a butcher block in springfield il

Springfield IL: The Benefits of Having A Butcher Block in Your Home

What are the Advantages of a Butcher Block?

a butcher block is durable and creates more storage space in springfield ilButcher blocks in Springfield, Illinois have gained popularity since the commencement of modern kitchen remodeling. Most people still do not understand the reasons as to why every kitchen needs a one. The butcher blocks are made using wood pieces that are combined to form a striking pattern. Below are some of the reasons why butcher blocks are gradually gaining more popularity.

Butcher Blocks are Durable

The value of butcher blocks depends on the quality of its countertops. Most countertops have been designed to withstand heat from hot pots and stay scratch-less for long. The butcher block is durable because it does not crack easily even when hefty loads are dropped on it. You can use vinegar, salt, or soap to clean your butcher block and keep it sparkling

Creates more storage space

In the kitchen, you need as much storage space as possible. The shelves and cabinets in the kitchen may not be enough. Butcher blocks come with extra cabinets that create more storage space in the kitchen. The cabinets can be locked for private storage of kitchen valuables. Less valuable items in the kitchen are used now and then can be placed on the countertop.

Blends with most home décor

a butcher block can blend with any home decor in springfield ilThe butcher blocks are shaping the current trends in modern kitchen remodeling. Butcher blocks are available in different shapes, color, and sizes. Different building designs that could easily blend with the interior décor of your kitchen are available. When doing a kitchen remodeling, you can custom paint the butcher block or tune your décor to blend with the butcher block.

Ideal for food preparation and baking

The butcher block has been used as a kitchen work surface for centuries. Most butcher blocks stand tall at a height which favors even the shorter person. The wooden countertops are strong and durable. You can put a hot pot on the counter or cut directly on top of the wooden countertop without using a chopping board. The butcher block is ideal for the entire baking process.

It is easy to clean up

You can use food-grade mineral oil and nontoxic sealants to clean your butcher blocks and keep it shinning for longer periods. You should avoid the use of cooking oil in polishing your butcher block. Run regular maintenance operations to ensure that your countertop is accurately sealed.

The butcher blocks are great for your kitchen home remodeling. Most chefs and home décor designers recommend it. Compared to other countertops, the butcher blocks are relatively cheaper. The good thing is that you get high quality at relaxed prices.

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