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Black and white kitchen under mount sink in Springfield, Illinois

Types of Sinks to Use in Your Newly Built Kitchen

Kitchen renovations are no small feat – there are what seems like hundreds of decisions to be made that even choosing the style of your sink can get overlooked until the last second. Whether your kitchen is modern and sophisticated or warm and traditional, our experts at Ray’s Countertop Shop in Springfield, IL believe that the perfect sink is out there for every home. Not sure where to start? Keep reading below for more information on the types of sinks we have available and the styles to choose from!

Types of Sinks

Top-Mount or Drop-In Sink

A Drop-In or Top-Mount sink is still considered the most common kitchen sink design. Installed from above the countertop, the sink is essential “dropped-in” to a cutout and supported by a visible lip that rests on top of the counter. While the main support for the sink is the lip itself, there are also clips and a line of caulk underneath the countertop that provides additional support.

A Top-Mount sink provides a traditional and homey feel to your Springfield, IL kitchen as well as easy access to potential foods and messes that can tend to build up in the corners of your sink.

Under-Mount Sink

Under-Mount sinks are the exact opposite of Drop-Ins. Installed from under your kitchen countertop, these sinks are designed to maximize every inch of your counter space while proving a seamlessly modern look.

While Under-Mount and Drop-In sinks are the same except for the supportive lip that comes with a Drop-In, Under-Mounts can increase the value of your home as many homeowners are looking for the high-end look that comes with this subtle sink upgrade.

Farmhouse or Apron Sinks

One of the current trends in kitchen renovations is the addition of a gorgeous farmhouse sink. Not to be mistaken for those that only live on a farm, Farmhouse sinks include a large single basin generally the size, or bigger, than a Dual-Basin without the middle divider.

This sink is the most modern of the other designs and allows for all scrubbing, rinsing, and drying to be done effortlessly. Generally, the basin is designed to elegantly hang over the countertop above the bottom cabinets below the sink to create a sophisticated and dramatic look that transforms your kitchen in Springfield, IL.

Style of Sinks

Matte black kitchen sink and faucet with a wooden countertop in Springfield, IllinoisDual-Basin Sinks

Dual or Double-Basin sinks are exactly as they sound –two connected sink bowls that are ideal for hand-washing dishes with designated spaces for washing and drying. This multi-purpose sink is great for frequent cookers and can easily wash large pots and pans that could never fit in a single basin.

Double-Basin sinks can come in a variety of sizes that can be customized to a homeowner’s preference. If you want an exceptionally bigger sink for washing and a smaller one for drying, no problem, many professionals can customize your sinks and countertops, if necessary, to your preferred size.

Single-Basin Sinks

Opposite of the Dual-Basin, Single-Basin sinks can be either an Under-Mount or a Top-Mount, depending on a customer’s preference, but generally, just mean that there is one single basin instead of two. This sink is great for Springfield, IL homes with smaller kitchens that need a way to maximize available counter space.

Light wooden cabinets and white kitchen countertops in Springfield, IllinoisFaucets & Cabinet Accessories

Now that you have chosen the perfect sink to match your kitchen design, don’t forget about the small details that make your sink and cabinetry come together. At Ray’s Countertop Shop in Springfield, IL we offer a variety of quality kitchen sink faucets including a center-set, single-hole, hands-free, and wall-mounted designs! Along with our name-brand faucets, we include a wide range of cabinet accessories like elegant Tresco Lighting and organized custom cabinetry. For more information, call our store today to speak with our friendly staff and visit our showroom to see all of our quality sinks, faucets, and cabinet accessories for yourself!

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