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Brown kitchen cabinets with silver hardware in Springfield, Illinois

How to Choose the Right Hardware for Your Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

Your kitchen or bathroom is almost complete, but you are still looking for the perfect hardware to match your cabinets, lighting, and cute fixtures. We get it, there are SO many options it is almost impossible to decide. Colors, shapes, finishes, and finding a perfect match take work, so we made it a little easier for you! Here is a short guide on how to choose the perfect hardware for your bathroom or kitchen.


Handle/Bar Pulls

One of, if not the most, popular cabinet hardware options is the Handle/Bar pulls that look exactly as their described. This bar-shaped hardware provides homeowners with a sleek and modern look regardless of the color or finish. Handle/Bar pulls can be installed vertical or horizontal, giving your kitchen a tall or stretched look to enhance the space of the room.

Cup/Pin Pulls

Cup pulls are common for both kitchens and bathrooms when trying to create a more traditional look. Looking like a cup flipped upside down, these dome-shaped handles are perfect for adding character to a simple design. While there are many finishes that make these pulls elegantly modern, many homeowners choose this design to make their space feel warm and inviting.

Hardware selections from our show room at Ray’s Countertop ShopBail Pulls

If you think going the modern route is overdone and played out, these Bail pulls are perfect for adding style and charm to your home. Resembling vintage door knockers, these cabinet handles are not only unique but with the right finish, can look just as sleek as the modern Handle/Bar pulls.

Finger Pulls

If you do not think the Handle/Bar pulls are modern enough, then Finger Pulls are just what you’re looking for. Finger Pulls are thin pieces of metal that are attached to the inside of your cabinets, jutting out just enough to provide a notch for you to guide your cabinet or drawer open.

Finger Pulls provide an almost entirely seamless look for your kitchen or bathroom that can increase the value of your home while adding a TON of style.



Gold hardware is all the crave in contemporary kitchens. On top of looking timelessly elegant, they can be used to accent both dark and light countertops and cabinets that take luxury to a whole other level.

Matte Black

You cannot go wrong with a classic black to accentuate your white cabinets. From 2018 to now, matted black finishes on kitchen and bathroom hardware still tends to be one of the most popular options for homeowners. This finish creates a clean and classic look that feels sleek and sophisticated.

Pointed copper pulls for kitchen and bathroom cabinets in Springfield, IllinoisCopper

Since 2019, copper has been a popular choice among interior designers when renovating a kitchen or bathroom. Copper, like gold, can be used on both dark and light cabinets to accentuate ashy tones and create a modern look that screams luxury.


Seen mainly in bathrooms along with metal accents, marble hardware continues to be an ageless material that never seems to fade from popularity. If you are looking for a design that truly enhances the elegances of your space, marble knobs or pulls with a colored metal bracket or casing create a remarkably custom look.


Brass is an extremely durable material that will not only last but will give your kitchen or bathroom a rustic and industrial look that can match almost any cabinet or countertop color and design. A finish made with brass slows down the growth of bacteria, ensuring that your space always feels clean and inviting.


Many homeowners think that cabinet hardware needs to match lighting fixtures and appliances to achieve a truly uniform design. While matching hardware is widely recognized among interior design professionals, it is also acceptable to keep the same finish but mix two different knobs or pulls for upper, lower, or pantry cabinets.

Grey bathroom cabinets with silver cup hardware in Springfield, IllinoisWhen to Choose

It is generally thought of as imperative to choose your kitchen or bathroom hardware dead last when updating or renovating your home. While you may be set on a specific theme or tone that matches your original hardware choice, it makes your decision a lot easier once you have had your cabinets, countertops, and appliances installed by professionals first.

Once you can get a clear vision of how your bathroom or kitchen is going to look, deciding on specific hardware becomes a walk in the park.

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