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White Silestone granite kitchen countertop in Springfield, Illinois

What is Silestone and Why Is It Essential for Your Kitchen and Bathroom?

You have looked at all the works – laminate, granite, porcelain, marble, and even acrylic, and you STILL cannot find a countertop material that truly fits your style! Never fear, there are still other options out there for you – maybe even something you have never heard of or considered before. Silestone is a new yet popular material that may be the perfect match for your home. Read below for more information.

Light grey Silestone kitchen and bathroom countertops in Springfield, IllinoisWhat is Silestone?

Silestone is a man-made material crafted by combining natural quartz with other raw materials to create a stone that is exceptionally tough and resilient. Coming in an assortment of textures and colors, Silestone makes for the perfect material to use in the most frequently occupied areas of your homes – the kitchen and bathroom.

Designed using the latest technology, Silestone is made to look BETTER than its expensive competitor, quartz, with brighter and more organized texture patterns. Like almost all countertop materials, Silestone does not react well to excessive exposures to heat, therefore it is recommended to use a protective mat when placing hot items onto your countertop.

Why Do I Need It?

Now that you know a little bit about Silestone, I bet you’re asking, “Why would I choose Silestone over another material?” Well, on top of being crafted from one of the most sought-after materials on the market, Silestone is cheaper than quartz yet just as hard and durable. Why not invest in a material that provides a low cost with quality results?

Silestone surfaces are also non-porous, meaning that they are resistant to harmful bacterial caused by everyday food and kitchen products. Preventing bacterial and stains will ensure the longevity of your countertop, keeping its upscale look intact for decades to come.

By now you may be thinking, “What else can this countertop do for me?” If you have children, don’t worry, on top of being safe for them to eat off of, Silestone countertops are impact resistant for kids [and adults] of all ages. All that is left now is for you to search through the dozens of color, tone, style, and finish options at a provider near you.

Grey quartz and Silestone kitchen countertop in Springfield, IllinoisOverall

All in all, Silestone countertops are a great option for your kitchen or bathroom. Imitating the expensive look of quartz, Silestone provides homeowners with high-quality material for a reasonable price. If you are interested in putting Silestone in your kitchen or bathroom, check out Ray’s Countertop Shop, Inc. for more details!


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