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pros and cons of granite countertops in springfield, illinois

The Benefits and Downsides of Granite Countertops in Springfield, Illinois

Pros & Cons of Granite Countertops

For a long time, granite countertops have been one of the most selected materials by homeowners worldwide. It instantly makes a home look and feels elegant. But as a homeowner, you always need to have all the information at your fingertips so you can make the right decision.

The Pros

They are unique

the benefits of granite countertops in springfield, illinoisThe best part about granite countertops is how unique each granite slab is. If you walk into other people’s homes and find out that their home looks exactly like yours, you need to get a granite countertop. Each slab is as unique as your fingerprint. This guarantees you that once a slab is installed in your home; you will not find it anywhere else.

They add value

If you are considering selling your home at some point, you want to get as much value for it as possible. Investing in granite both in the kitchen and bathroom is a wise decision. Not only do they make your home elegant, but they also give it the long-lasting value you need. With proper cleaning and maintenance, granite can last for a lifetime.

They are extremely durable

Granite is not breakable, so it can last decades without showing signs of damage. It is also heat resistant and not susceptible to scratches. It will, therefore, look as good as new years after installation. Their heat resistance makes them perfect for the kitchen because it will allow you to cook without getting damaged.

The Cons

They can be porous

the cons of granite countertops in springfield, illinoisPoor installation is the biggest issue with granite countertops. When they are not properly sealed, these countertops will absorb any liquid that falls on them. This absorption of liquids makes it easy for them to accumulate harmful bacteria and mold. That is why you are advised to have countertops sealed each year.

They at times crack

While granite countertops are one of the most durable, they are still prone to cracking and chipping as with any other stone. If a heavy object is dropped on the counter, it will break. Once you notice any cracking, you have to call a specialist to repair the damage immediately.


Granite countertops cost anywhere between $150 and $300 per square foot. Compared to other materials, this is quite expensive.

While granite has its benefits, like any material, it also has its demerits. You must weigh to see if the cons outweigh the pros for you. Remember that one material may be perfect for one person, but it may not work for another.

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