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best type of sink springfield illinois

The Best Sink For Your Style in Springfield, Illinois

What Type of Sink Fits Your Style?

The sink is one of the most used areas in the entire home, from a simple glass of water to preparing meals. More so, the sink plays a massive role in determining how appealing your bathroom or kitchen is. The best thing is that now, sinks are available in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes. Here is an exclusive guide on the sink types that fit into your style.

Drop-In or Top-Mount

One of the most popular types of kitchen sinks when it comes to installing a new sink is the Drop-In or Top-Mount sink. These sinks are installed from above, and they are cut based on the template. A hole is cut in the kitchen counters for a sink to be installed from above. These sinks are also known as self-rimming or rimmed sinks because the rim is sealed with silicon.

dual basin sink springfield illinoisDual-Basin

These are double sinks and famous for their versatility. You can wash on one side and dry on the other. The dual-basin sinks are multipurpose and an excellent choice for any kitchen that has heavy usage. If you use a lot of kitchen utensils daily, this might be the best sink type for you.


The concept of under-mount sinks is precisely opposite that of top-mount sinks. This type of sink is attached to the bottom of the counter using particular fasteners. The advantage of under-mount sinks is that water and crumbs can be easily swept into the sink; this makes cleaning up the kitchen a breeze.


Single-basin sinks include top-mount or under-mount sinks. Generally, single-basin sinks are one-basin sinks. These types of basins are perfect options when it comes to small kitchens that have limited space. If you want to redecorate your small kitchen, the single -basin sink is the best option for you.

Prep or Bar

In some cases, you may require a counter space outside the main kitchen space. Prep/bar sinks are smaller single basin sinks compared to the traditional kitchen sinks. These are best suited in a prep space or bar room outside the main kitchen. These sinks will help save space and will add utility.

Apron or farmhouse

Also referred to as country-style sinks, these sinks are distinguished by their white color and large single basin. These sinks are commonly installed as free and single standing without any surrounding countertops.


These sinks variety presents the best option for you during kitchen remodeling. Springfield, IL provides all these types in various styles, finishes, and colors. They are more than happy to help you get the sink that fits your style best.

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