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benefits of solid surface countertop materials springfield illinois

Advantages of Solid Surface Countertop Materials in Springfield, Illinois

solid surface countertop materials springfield illinoisBenefits of Solid Surface Countertop Materials

Are you looking for a durable countertop surface with an excellent resale value? If yes, then you may consider acquiring solid surface countertop materials. Since it plays a wide range of roles including cutting board, office desk, food prep surface, or a snack bar, the material creates a feeling no other can match. Here are some of the reasons this material might be the right countertop solution:

Stylish look

The solid surface countertop materials come in different colors and finishes. Depending on your taste, you can customize the look to match your kitchen needs. The matte finish not only adds an elegant appearance, but it also accentuates the invisible seams. The manufacturing procedure makes these counters appear entirely seamless, as they fit together tightly and can be sanded once they have been installed to prevent the seams from becoming visible.


Did you know that solid countertops are cheaper than other materials? Compared to the natural stone, the solid surface will give you value for your money. Still, you may need to consider the matte finish, customization requirements, and other factors before calculating the final price.


solid surface countertop materials are durable springfield illinoisUnlike other materials, the solid surface is an excellent low maintenance countertop. Not only are the easy to clean, but they also resistant to bacteria. This makes them waterproof, so you do not need to worry about the spilling water damage around your sinks.

The material is also designed to resist stains and impact, and this is something you will not find in natural stones. Besides, the seamless patches can be used during the sanding process to portray the visible scratches. This means you will always get value for your money each time you use it.

Greenguard NSF indoor air quality certified

Greenguard Springfield, Illinois is an authority that determines the quality assurance of a product before it is released to the general public. Since the majority of solid surface models carry this certification, which is why it does not out-gas any of the substances that the authority considers harmful, and does not compromise the quality of air.

Easy to repair

Though solid countertops are durable, they are resistant to scratches when you cut on it. Hopefully, for you, you can sand down the scratches using an orbital sander and fine grain sandpaper. Alternatively, you can hire a maintenance specialist in Springfield, Illinois since they have the right tools and experience to deliver a quality job.

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