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Corian solid surface kitchen countertops in Springfield, Illinois

Springfield, Illinois: What is Corian and What are the Benefits?

What is Corian?

You’ve heard of granite, quartz, laminate, and marble countertops, but Corian? What exactly is that? Well, Corian is similar to laminate in that it is a non-porous surface that is completely resistant to harmful bacteria that can be left behind by foods and germs found commonly in kitchens and bathrooms.

Manmade from 1/3 acrylic polymer and 2/3 natural minerals found in materials like Aluminum, Corian is an extremely hard substance that is not only great for countertops but can also be crafted into stone-looking artwork, flooring, and wall features found in both commercial and residential spaces.


Modern all-white kitchen with Corian marble solid surface countertops and green cabinets in Springfield, IllinoisCheaper Substitute for Natural Stone

Local countertop companies can vouch for Corian as being a perfect substitute for natural stone, mainly for the extreme price differences per square foot. Corian solid surface countertops provide you with an elegant and expensive-looking countertop without spending a fortune, making it a material that is slowly becoming more popular than its competitors. Not only does Corian help you save money, but it can also help increase the value of your home when putting your house on the market. While natural stone countertops are generally sought after for new homebuyers, Corian is becoming a material that is just as recognizable and requested.

Absolutely Seamless Structure

Man-made materials like Corian have incredible benefits over natural stone. It can be broken down and integrated with other materials like wood, glass, or stone, creating a truly unique surface that cannot be recreated with other materials. If you’re just looking to imitate a single style or texture, Corian can be made to look effortlessly authentic and at many times, more geometrically flattering.

Its flexible structure can be molded into any desired shape, creating seamless joints that are perfect for waterfall countertops where the surface material continues onto the sides of, usually, a kitchen island.

Solid surface countertop options for kitchen and bathroom in Springfield, IllinoisDurable and Easy to Maintain

The beauty of any countertop doesn’t matter unless it’s able to withstand the everyday use of your family. When DuPont, the manufacturers of Corian, created this material, they were incessant on making it a durable and maintenance-free product that needed very little attention to keep it in perfect shape.

Whether you’re a frequent cook or just looking for a countertop that will last, Corian is great for all lifestyles. Simply wipe it clean with a warm washcloth and occasionally sanitize for the utmost cleanliness and it will last for decades. Contact us at Ray’s Countertop Shop today through our website or call (217) 483-2514 to learn more about our Solid Surface countertops.


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