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White and grey acrylic kitchen countertop with subway backsplash tile in kitchen in Springfield, Illinois

Springfield, Illinois: Pros and Cons of Acrylic Countertops


Non-porous Surfaces

A huge benefit to acrylic countertops is that they are made non-porous, meaning that bacteria, germs, and odors are unable to penetrate through its hard surface. No longer do homeowners need to be worried about a mess left out overnight, acrylic countertops are easy to clean with water, store-bought detergents, or bleach.

On top of being germ-free, acrylic countertops are impact and stain-resistant, making them perfect for all types of family or individual use.

White acrylic countertops with unique design in a modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances and brown cabinets in Springfield, IllinoisEndless Design Options

Versatility tends to be one of the most important factors for homeowners when seeking out a quality manufacturer or professional for home renovations. Like many countertop materials, acrylic countertops offer an endless array of design options that can satisfy any buyer’s design aesthetic.

Acrylic countertops offer a consistency in design that cannot be found in natural materials like quartz. Nevertheless, acrylic can imitate materials from granite to marble flawlessly. Worried about lines or streaks? Acrylic countertops have seamless edges that fit around your sink and appliances effortlessly, creating a truly modern design for your kitchen or bathroom.

Easy to Repair

Although acrylic countertops are praised for being extremely hard and durable surfaces, there are inevitably instances where accidents can cause visible damage. Fortunately, scratches or dents of all sizes can quickly, and easily, be buffed out by a professional in minutes.

If installed professionally, acrylic countertops are guaranteed to last longer than if you were to do it yourself, and most times come with a warranty that will take care of those scratches for free.


Susceptible to Heat Damage

White and a cream-colored acrylic countertop for kitchen or bathroom with single basin sink in Springfield, Illinois

One of the only downsides to acrylic countertops is their inability to withstand excessive exposure to heat. While it is recommended for all homeowners to use a hot pad for any heated pots and pans being placed on a countertop, acrylic does not compare to quartz or marble that is designed to be in contact with high temperatures.

Easier to Scratch

Like any surface that has been around rowdy children, accidental knife slip-ups, or nosy animals, scratches and dents are inevitable. Regardless of the countertop material you choose, all hard surfaces are equally as susceptible to scratching. Our experts at Ray’s Countertop Shop recommend checking all care and maintenance requirements before your purchase so that you get the best material for your kitchen or bathroom!

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