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Laminate options for kitchen or bathroom countertop in Springfield, Illinois

Springfield, Illinois: Is Laminate the New Granite? Why Laminate Countertops are the Best Option for your Kitchen

I get it, laminate countertops are not thought of as the number one choice for a stunning new kitchen countertop. Growing up in the 90s brings back memories of my family’s average kitchen with obviously fake wood countertops that were effective, yet cheap and unattractive. But, with current advancements in laminate technology, homeowners are willingly seeking out laminate countertops for their modern, cost-effective, and elegant designs. Here are a few reasons why laminate countertops are the best option for your kitchen in 2020!

Quality Material at a Low-Cost

Kitchen renovations are not cheap. Countertops are known to be one of the most expensive purchases for homeowners, and generally one of the most crucial. A countertop brings the entire kitchen, and sometimes even the entire home together to create a look and feel that is irreplaceable.

Laminate provides homeowners with a low-cost and easy to install material that is more advanced than it has ever been. No longer does laminate look cheap and uninviting, its bad reputation is slowly diminishing as companies like Wilsonart have transformed laminate into a quality countertop option for a more than reasonable price.

All white kitchen laminate marble kitchen countertop in Springfield, IllinoisComes in a Variety of Imitated Looks

The patterns of laminate are unlike any other countertop material on the market. Not only are many companies conforming to a more sustainable way of producing a laminate, but there are endless color and pattern options that are unavailable in widely popular countertop materials like quartz or granite.

While granite is one of the most sought-after materials for kitchen countertops, many times customers do not always get a pattern that they anticipated, as its impossible to predict and duplicate specific patterns. With laminate, customers can choose exactly which color and pattern complement their home without question.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Treating and cleaning more expensive countertops materials like granite can increase the already high cost that comes with investing in a kitchen remodel or renovation. Laminate offers homeowners a stress-free countertop solution that is not only stain-resistant and easy to clean but does not require any regular treatment and specialty maintenance that granite can often require.

Installation is a Breeze

Sometimes it’s not so much the cost of the countertop that is overwhelming, but the cost of having it professionally installed. While we highly recommend hiring a professional for all tricky home renovation repairs, laminate is the easiest to install, making it an affordable cost that would be doubled or tripled with materials like quartz, granite, or marble.

Modern white and grey laminate kitchen sink countertops with a metal single basin sink and metal faucet in Springfield, IllinoisWill NOT Hurt the Value of Your Home

As we mentioned before, laminate was once considered a cheap option for kitchen countertops in the 1970s to the 90s. But with recent technological advancements, it has been proven that laminate will not hurt the resale value of your home, as it was once thought to do.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to improve the look and feel of your kitchen, laminate is the way to go.

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