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Navy, grey, and white hexagon bathroom floor tile in Springfield, Illinois

Springfield Illinois: Top 5 Most Popular Tile Patterns for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

After spending hours looking at hundreds of tile shapes, colors, and materials, now is the time to pick the final tile pattern for your kitchen or bathroom. Fortunately, we have narrowed down the top 5 most popular tile patterns and various application spots that best suit those designs. Let’s get started!

White herringbone kitchen backsplash tile in Springfield, IllinoisHerringbone

Coming in at number one, the herringbone tile is not only one of the most popular tile patterns used in 2020, but its original design was first introduced hundreds of years ago in Europe. Continuing as an extremely elegant design, herringbone tile can make a small space feel open and spacious.

This look includes common subways tiles placed in an upward or downward “V” shape that can be placed vertically or at an angle. This pattern can include a monotone color or varying color tones to create an intimate or playful look.

Black and white hexagon bathroom wall tile in Springfield, IllinoisHexagon

Whether you want to stick with traditional white tile or mix it up with a combination of color tones, hexagon tiles provide a stylish and timeless look. While this tile pattern originated in the 1940s as a popular choice for floor tile, in 2020, homeowners have found a place for them in every inch of the home.

Tiling your bathroom? Use this pattern in the shower, on a feature wall, or keep it classy on your floors. Redoing the kitchen? Hexagon tiles make for a perfect backsplash that will never go out of style.


Truly a traditional pattern, linear tiles are constructed using a variety of square tile sizes. Linear tiles are the most common layout and the easiest to install as their pattern does not require specific cuts and adjustments to perfect.

While some homeowners believe this pattern to be dull and uninviting, renovators have transformed the use of linear tiles into creative masterpieces. Whether tiling for your kitchen or bathroom, linear tiles offer the possibly of including multi-colored squares that create a statement in your home.

White brick bond kitchen subway tile backsplash in Springfield, IllinoisBrick Bond

Seen in almost every HGTV renovation, brick bond, or most referred to as subway tile, is one of the most modern tile patterns available. Like linear tile, brick bond is extremely easy to install and perfect for creating simple, yet elegant designs in your kitchen or bathroom.

With brick bond tiles you are not just limited to the traditional application space as a kitchen backsplash, this tile design looks incredible as flooring to open up smaller spaces, covered floor to ceiling in showers, or placed on a feature wall in single or multicolored designs.

Dark grey basketweave kitchen tile in Springfield, IllinoisBasketweave

Our final top 5 tile pattern offers homeowners a unique way to spice up the appearance of their bathroom or kitchen. The basketweave design is created by putting two or more tiles together that eventually equal the traditional shape of a square.

Many homeowners alternate these tile designs from horizontal to vertical and so forth, but any alternating design will imitate a weaving look that is absolutely stunning. While this pattern is most commonly used as flooring, recently its been a popular design element in the form of a kitchen backsplash.

So, have you decided which tile pattern best fits your home? With any design choice we always recommend any tile installation be completed by professionals who use quality materials to ensure 100% satisfaction.

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