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Solid surface kitchen countertop option from Ray’s Countertop Shop in Springfield, Illinois

Springfield, Illinois: What to Know Before Buying Solid Surface Countertops

It is important to know everything about a product, especially something as expensive as a countertop, before making a permanent investment. While many homeowners are leaning towards quartz, granite, and marble for their kitchen or bathroom countertops, many are left feeling overwhelmed at the cost and maintenance of natural stone. Solid surface countertops are the perfect solution for those who want a quality surface but do not want to pay an arm and a leg for them. Here are a few pros and cons to solid surfaces that every homeowner should know before buying!


Non-porous is a hard, bacterial-resisting material that are perfect for frequently used or often contaminated areas. It is impossible for germs to live on solid surface countertops and are extremely easy to clean with warm/hot water or a moderate detergent.

If you have children, you will never have to worry about them contracting harmful bacteria from hidden residue on the surface, making solid surfaces extremely popular for families.

Modern kitchen with solid surface countertops in Springfield, IllinoisCustomization

After looking at hundreds of countertop colors and finishes, sometimes it still seems impossible to find the design that is right for you. A great, and affordable option is to customize your own solid surface with the colors and shape that truly represents your style.

Bellavati solid surfaces are prided on their ability to create beautiful customizations that really have no limitations. Do you want a rounded island surface with grey and white sparkled marble? No problem! This option gives homeowners the opportunity to have a unique design that leaves their guests speechless.

Weaker Surface

Of course, any countertop whether you get the cheapest laminate or the most expensive porcelain, all are going to have their weaknesses. Solid surfaces tend to scratch more often than other countertop materials.

Homeowners should be wary of sharp knives and utensils that tend to scratch the smooth surface, but this can easily be avoided by using a mat or cutting board. Solid surfaces can handle temperatures up to 212°F, but like any material under excessive heat, the countertop will eventually start to decay with direct exposure.

Solid surface countertop options for kitchen in Springfield, IllinoisEasily Repairable

While solid surfaces may be more susceptible to abrasions, it fortunately is one of the easiest materials to repair. In fact, you could even do it yourself! Professional countertop businesses often recommend a light sanding that can remove burns, chips, and scratches in a matter of minutes. For larger repairs and cracks, it may need to be repaired by a professional.

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