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multicolored tile backsplash for bathroom in Springfield, Illinois

Springfield, Illinois: Why you NEED a Glass Mosaic Backsplash

If you are looking for a way to add charm and dimension to your kitchen or bathroom, glass mosaic tiles are the perfect solution. Differing from other tile options, glass mosaics offer homeowners the opportunity to add a beautiful piece of art to a somewhat ordinary space. Here are 4 reasons why you need a glass mosaic backsplash in your bathroom or kitchen!

Incredible Visual Appeal

Quality glass mosaic tiles, like those from Imagery Glass offer an incredible visual appeal to current homeowners or potential homebuyers. Glass mosaics are popular for their shiny and seamlessly reflective surfaces, most used in bathrooms and kitchens. Want to brighten up your space? Glass mosaics can transform any room into a light and spacious sanctuary as their surfaces attract and absorb every inch of sunlight.

Light wood countertop with blue and white mosaic kitchen backsplash in Springfield, ILExtremely Easy to Maintain

There is no reason to worry about the durability and maintenance of glass mosaics. This backsplash tile is resistant to mold, mildew, stains, and harmful chemicals that would otherwise be damaging to other backsplash materials like laminate or granite. In the case of any sizable mess, warm water and a washcloth can effortlessly remove dirt and grime in seconds. Whether you have lively children or frequent kitchen nightmares, a glass mosaic backsplash can endure the toughest of use.

Plethora of Options

Professional home and tile shops offer a wide variety of glass mosaic tile. You can get them in practically every color, shape, and design to fit your preferred style. There are even specific finishes to choose from; some are designed to resemble shiny or muted metals for an edgy rustic look, and many can be mirrored to make a smaller space appear larger.

Assortment of blue and white kitchen and bathroom tile in Springfield, IllinoisGlass Tile is Better for the Environment

Many companies are choosing the green route when it comes to manufacturing glass mosaic tiles. It roughly takes about half the energy to produce the glass for mosaic tiles than it would to create popular options like ceramic and granite. In a time where companies and individuals are desperate to make more eco-friendly choices, including a sustainable material in your home not only improves the quality of your space, but also helps save the planet.

Glass mosaic tiles are undoubtedly one of the most remarkable materials on the market for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes. The infinite availability of color, shape, and design options are crafted to match the perfect layout and mood of your home.

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