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Black, white, and grey tile countertop options in Springfield, IL

Springfield, Illinois: 5 Choices to Consider When Deciding on a Kitchen or Bathroom Tile Backsplash

Thinking of putting tile in your kitchen or bathroom? In any home renovation there are many options to consider when investing in a design that will change the look and flow of your family space. Check out these 5 options to consider when picking out a new tile for your kitchen or bathroom!


Tile is one of the most common options to choose when looking for a new bathroom or kitchen backsplash. With popularity comes variations, and there are DOZENS of tile materials available for homeowners to choose from. Do you want a classy look? Try ceramic, porcelain, or glass! Looking for something more rustic and edgy? A metal or stone tile is the perfect fit.


One of the best things about tile is the wide variety of designs that can be achieved if you are not looking for the traditional appearance of tile. Modern technology has made it possible for manufacturers like Anatolia Tile + Stone to imitate wood, stone, and industrial looks that create a space that is entirely unique and unforgettable.

Black and white hexagon kitchen backsplash in Springfield, IllinoisColor

Picking the color of a backsplash is one of the first – and most exciting – decisions that homeowners make before any other custom feature. Luckily, there are almost an infinite number of tile colors to choose from the brightest of yellows to the bleakest of blacks. Can’t find a solid color that suits your home? Pick an array of colors to create your own matchless design.


Tile shape is another important option to consider when redoing your kitchen or bathroom. The shape of a tile backsplash can make your space look and feel more enclosed or open. Want your kitchen to feel wide and airy? Try a plank or geometric tile design. If you are looking for a more traditional and homier look, standard square and rectangle tile shapes will suit your style.

White and brown bathroom backsplash in Springfield, ILFinishes

Backsplash finishes are one of the most crucial decisions to makes when choosing a tile. Modern tile finishes include a honed or matte look, but many homeowners love a classic polished and glossy finish that really brightens up a space. Choosing a quality finish on your tile can make or break your design, that is why it is essential to look at all possible options before deciding.

These options are essential when considering adding a tiled backsplash to your kitchen or bathroom. Now that you have an idea of a tile that is perfect for you, contact us ) to help you transform your home in a modern oasis.

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