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A dual basin sink with a sink grid in the first basin in a home in Glenarm, IL. Also, a kitchen sink grid from Karran in a kitchen with a granite countertop.

Kitchen Accessories for Your Home

You can never have too many kitchen accessories for your home in Glenarm, IL. In fact, we’re here to tell you the top 4 accessories we currently have in stock that will make your kitchen experience easier and more enjoyable. At Ray’s Countertop Shop, Inc., you can count on us for more than just quality countertop and title options – we offer everything from sink grids and cutting boards to floating shelves for your living room, kitchen, or bedroom. So keep reading to see if you have (or need to get) these kitchen accessories!

Sink Grids

Sink grids are often overlooked as an unnecessary kitchen accessory; however, they provide more benefits to your single or dual-basin sinks than you might realize. For example, our metal racks come with rubber feet that help prevent scratching from pots, pans, and any movement from the grid. In addition, Karran® sink grids come with a hole in the center for easy straining access and are dishwasher safe – making them the perfect choice for protecting your sink.

Cutting Boards

Small, lightly-stained wooden butcher block cutting boards from Ray's Countertop Shop sitting on a white granite countertop in Glenarm, IL.Butcher block cutting boards are the perfect long-lasting option and a must-have when buying kitchen accessories. Ray’s Countertop Shop, Inc. offers several wood species for you to choose from when customizing your butcher block cutting boards, as well as oil finishes that increase the longevity of the wood. Our standard cutting boards come in a 1 ½” thickness and can come in various sizes to meet your needs. Want to see our cutting board options in person? Call 217.483.2514 to schedule a consultation with our experts to view them at our warehouse in Glenarm, IL!

Floating Shelves

Are you looking for new ways to spice up your kitchen design? Getting rid of old cabinets and replacing them with butcher block floating shelves is a new trend that many homeowners are catching onto. At Ray’s Countertop Shop, Inc.in Glenarm, IL, we cut custom butcherblock shelves for residential homes and kitchens from several of our wood species. Not only does this create extra space in any room of your home, but you can customize everything from the thickness of the wood to the finish or stain applied by our professionals. Speak with one of our team members today to learn about our installation kit included in your purchase and how you can create a unique look with our custom floating shelf services.

A dual basin sink with a roll-up rack next to the sink and countertop in Glenarm, IL. A small kitchen sink and countertop with a black faucet and white and grey backsplash.Roll-Up Racks

Ray’s Countertop Shop, Inc. offers quality roll-up racks in gray or black for your kitchen sink. Not only is this a perfect accessory for washing dishes in your single or dual-basin sink, but it can also be used for placing hot pans up to 500 degrees. Use the perfectly spaced slots to stand baking pans, dishes, and even utensils, creating more countertop space than ever. Our roll-up racks are easy to clean, store, and use – stop by our warehouse to see our current inventory.

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