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A stainless steel faucet with a single basin sink and a granite countertop in Glenarm, IL that has been cleaned with Granite Gold®.

Cleaning with Granite Gold® for Quartz & Granite

At Ray’s Countertop Shop, Inc., we are proud to offer quality countertop cleaning products to our clients in Glenarm, IL. As a certified retailer of Granite Gold®, we offer cleaning, sealing, and polishing products for your granite or natural stone countertops to prevent damage and ensure the longevity of our products. To learn more about our Granite Gold® products, keep reading, or give us a call to see how you can purchase these products directly from our warehouse.


Our Granite Gold® Cleaners are one of the top products sold alongside our granite countertops. Using simple soap and water is just not enough to protect the natural stone surface – you’ll need a cleaner that’s just as strong. Our daily cleaning spray by Granite Gold® includes protective chemicals that are safe on skin and hard surfaces, providing a protective seal that makes it stain and water-resistant. Visit Ray’s Countertop Shop, Inc. in Glenarm, IL for Granite Gold® cleaning products.

A Granite Gold® sealer bottle in front of a white backgroundSealers

When you purchase a natural stone countertop from Ray’s Countertop Shop, Inc., we guarantee that your surface will have a 15-year sealant on them already. However, having a sealer on hand to apply once every few months is essential to keeping your granite countertops in perfect condition year after year. Simply apply our Granite Gold® Sealer using a cloth rag over the surface of your clean granite countertop and feel confident in using your protected surfaces for any activity.


Granite Gold® polisher helps to restore the surface of your natural stone countertop while enhancing the stone’s natural beauty. While most granite countertops only need to be polished once every 5-15 years, it’s important to have quality products on hand when you need them. Ray’s Countertop Shop Inc. is a local seller of Granite Gold® polisher products and recommends it for stain protection, heavily trafficked surfaces, and overall daily protection.

A person wearing a yellow rubber glove and holding a purple cloth rag cleaning their granite countertop with professional cleaning accessories in Glenarm, IL.Accessories

Making sure you have the right cleaning accessories with your Granite Gold® products is essential to the longevity of your granite or natural stone countertops. We recommend using some sort of glove if you have sensitive skin to protect it from the cleaning solution and a thick cloth rag to wipe the surface area. Cloth rags are soft on natural stone and absorb the Granite Gold® products much better than standard rags. Call our experts at 217.483.2514 to see which accessories we recommend when cleaning your granite countertops.


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