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Outdoor image of the countertop, tile, and sink warehouse in Springfield, IL that has a variety of materials, colors, designs, and finishes.

Why Warehouse Visits Are Beneficial for Your Home Renovation

Are you finally starting that home renovation project you were always meaning to get to? The last thing you need is to purchase an entire countertop or backsplash based on one small piece of material. At Ray’s Countertop Shop, Inc., we invite our customers in to see massive slabs of laminate, tile backsplash, and solid surface products so that you know exactly what your finished project is going to look like before it enters your home. Keep reading to learn more about why warehouse visits are beneficial for your home renovation project in Springfield, IL.

You Get A Bigger Visual at Ray’s

While it may seem easy to view a few countertop colors and designs online before placing your order, oftentimes homeowners are devastated to find that they do not like their countertops since they couldn’t envision a bigger image. At Ray’s Countertop Shop, Inc. in Springfield, IL, our warehouse holds hundreds of full-size countertop materials, colors, styles, and designs that can be customized to your liking for you to see before you buy. We pride ourselves on being one of the only warehouses in the area to allow local clients in for viewing. To schedule a visit and see our selections for yourself, give us a call today at (217) 483-2514.

A large room with a wide selection of tile materials for homeowners to choose for their kitchen in Springfield, IL.Touch & Feel the Material You Want in Your Home

If you’re anything like us, we believe that it’s essential to touch and feel your countertop or tile material before you buy it. The last thing you want is to spend thousands of dollars on a tile backsplash for your bathroom, only to realize you can’t stand the way it feels once it’s installed. At Ray’s Countertop Shop, Inc., we let our customers get up close and personal with large slabs of laminate, tile, and solid surface countertops so that they know exactly what will and won’t work in their home.

Work With Experienced Professionals

Let’s face it, it’s impossible to know everything there is about home renovation, sinks, countertops, tile, and so much more. In reality, many homeowners learn as they go when they find a material they want to incorporate in their home. At Ray’s Countertop Shop, Inc. in Springfield, IL, when you visit our warehouse, we guarantee that you will be working with experienced and educated professionals that know exactly what products to point in your direction. Our team has years of continuous learning on the best materials for specific households and can make your renovation project easier when you schedule a visit at (217) 483-2514.

Shelves of quartz stone countertop options for residential kitchens and bathrooms in Springfield, IL.Hundreds of Options to Choose From

Finally, we saved the best for last! One of the biggest reasons why you should visit a warehouse before starting or completing your home renovation project is because there are hundreds of options to choose from. At our warehouse in Springfield, IL, we have a multitude of countertops, tile, and sink options to choose from right in your local community. No longer do you need to contact a name-brand manufacturer to get customized hard-surface material, our team is here to help you every step of the way. Contact Ray’s Countertop Shop, Inc. today to learn more about our installation and delivery processes.


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