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What are the pros and cons of granite countertops for my Springfield, IL home?

Are granite countertops right for you?

granite countertops springfield il

Granite countertops are gorgeous and will last forever. We at Ray’s want to present a few pros and cons below to help you decide what style works best for your project in Springfield, IL.

Reasons to go with granite countertops

Granite has a rich and natural beauty that few other materials can compete with. It has a look and feel that’s different from any other synthetic materials, giving your home a natural aura and appeal. Granite countertops come in several colors, shades, styles, and textures. Granite countertops are used throughout your home in different areas: kitchen, bathroom, bar, outside grill, or office. We will help you match and design the whole kitchen together with your cabinets, flooring, and walls. Granite is a great choice for durability since it isn’t susceptible to scratches during installation or normal wear.

Granite will resist heat in your kitchen, but over time continued heat exposure will wear down the sealer on the countertops. When it’s properly sealed, granite resists stains such as wine and other spills. We will make sure to present you with correct facts, care & maintenance, and warranties on all products.

sealing granite countertops springfield il

Reasons to be concerned about granite countertops

Granite countertops do have some weaknesses. If you don’t seal them properly, or the sealant wears off, it must be resealed. Granite is porous and can absorb wine, juice and other substances that produce permanent stains. If not correctly sealed, granite countertops can hold bacteria. Contact a professional or stone fabricator to make sure the job is done correctly. There will be a charge to seal your product, and there will be a warranty supplied for you too.

Choose your stone wisely because some granite countertops must be resealed annually while others are good for 15 years. Depending on where you purchase your granite, some manufacturers vary on the life of the warranty. Make sure to research the product prior to purchase. While granite countertops are long-lasting and durable, if you drop a heavy object on it, it could crack or chip. There are certain products to clean your granite countertops with. The average price of granite with installation of the new countertops range from $60-100 per square foot. We will work with you on budgets to help find something to suit you.

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