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Grey and white laminate bathroom countertop Springfield, Illinois

Springfield, Illinois: Why Formica’s 180fx® Laminate is the Best Option for Your Home

Laminate is one of the best alternatives for customers who are looking to update any room of their home, but not looking to spend a large sum in renovation and material costs. Formica provides consumers with many different types of laminate designs from wood and quartz, to granite and stone.Here are some reasons why Formica’s 180fx® laminate tops other countertop materials.

Laminate is Easy to Maintain

Whether you are looking for a material that can withstand a house full of children or mimic a trendy new look, Formica’s 180fx® laminate can easily be cleaned and preserved using a damp washcloth and household cleaner. The 180fx® laminate is protected by a resin coating along its strong external layer making it effortless to maintain.

Brown and grey lamination wood and marble kitchen countertops Springfield, IllinoisLaminate is Extremely durable

Laminate was once considered a material that is more susceptible to chips and scratches, but with currently technology, Formica’s 180fx® laminate is designed to endure the toughest of daily use. These cutting-edge countertops  resembling dozens of modern looks are perfect for the most used areas of your home.

Laminate comes in many different looks.

Just like any kind of tile or mined material, laminate comes in many different color, design, and pattern options that adds a visually breathtaking appeal to your home. Imitating the look of expensive granite countertops, as is favored by many homeowners, laminate allows you to choose the exact look and tone to fit your space without compromising on quality.

white marble kitchen tabletop Springfield, IllinoisLaminate is Sustainable.

In today’s world, it is more pressing than ever to make continuous efforts in becoming sustainable. Formica’s 180fx® laminate is made from FSC wood and recycled papers  that continuously reduces our carbon footprint. Materials like quartz or granite that need to be mined for use, can emit significant amounts of chemicals and gasses, becoming a dealbreaker for some homeowners.

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