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An assortment of Soho Studio tile products in Springfield, illinois

Springfield, Illinois: Soho Studio Tiles: Collections and Products

Soho Studio is the leader in design and quality of the largest diversified collection of mosaic tiles and unique building products. Since 2006, we have been providing efficient, high quality and cost-effective tile solutions for our customers. Our goal is to exceed expectations. We listen to your feedback and review market options to constantly bring the best quality product choices, service, and business practices to you.


Marble is one of the most popular options for customers when choosing a material for countertops, flooring, and backsplashes. Besides its effortlessly gorgeous and modern design, marble stands to be one of the most durable and resistant materials on the market. It can be used in almost every room of the house from bathrooms, kitchens, to the encasing around a fireplace.


If you are looking to brighten up your space, glass tiles in your kitchen or bathroom is the perfect material to use. Glass is an extremely reflective material that takes in surrounding light, allowing a space to brighten up instantly. Not only do glass tiles soften your elegant space, it is an exceptionally easy material to clean and prevents harmful molds and bacteria from growing.

Grey and white blend tile Springfield, IllinoisBlends

Sometimes one material just does not add the spark that a certain space desperately needs. Customers love the option to be able to blend multiple sizes, shapes, and colors of materials to find a stunning design that transforms a kitchen or bathroom. Blends gives customers the opportunity to create a piece of artwork in their home that is 100% original.


Porcelain is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and durable materials to use in all areas of your home. Whether you have children, animals, or your fair share of house guests, porcelain stands to be a scratch and stain resistant, easy to clean, and hard-wearing material that will never fade over time.


Are you wondering what the best tile option for your kitchen or bathroom floor should be? Ceramic tiles can be used as backsplashes and countertops, but more often are used as flooring due to their natural resistance to humid and damp environments. On top of being completely resistant to wet surfaces, ceramic tiles are also impervious to odors, pests, fire, and corrosion.

White oval pearl Soho Studio tiles Springfield, IllinoisMetal

Metal sheets and tiles give a stunning and unique look to your kitchen or bathroom. Not only are metal materials like aluminum, copper, and stainless steel visually appealing, they can make your space look and feel more spacious than it actually is. Transform your cozy home into a modern statement piece with a variety of metals that are inexpensive and easy to care for.


Mother of pearl is a material that makes a statement as it is naturally made from mollusks that are found in freshwater oysters. While pearl tiles do need to be maintained and cleaned more often than porcelain or marble, it still stands to be exceptionally durable and easy to install. Mother of pearl tiles include a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors that are perfect for any room in the house.

Water Jet

Water jetting is a process that uses high-pressurized water to cut a wide range of materials, both sturdy and delicate. Many materials that go through the water jetting process create beautiful sheets or inlays that are used to decorate or accent the surrounding tile of a backsplash or flooring, usually located in kitchens and bathrooms.

White and grey micro mosaic tile Springfield, IllinoisMicro Mosaics

Micro mosaics are intricate sheets of tile comprised of dozens or even hundreds of smaller tiles, forming gorgeous patterns that can be used to accentuate any room or entry way of your home. Like porcelain, mosaic tiles are scratch, stain, and scorch resistant, making them perfect additions to the most used areas of your home.

Mirror Glass

While mosaics and inlays are designed specifically for creating unique designs to accent your kitchen or bathroom tiles, mirror glass is a material existing as the epitome of style and elegance. Often coming in long strips, mirror glass is easy to install and immediately transforms a dark and enclosed area as light bounces of its iridescent surface.

Field Tile

If you aren’t looking for an all-encompassing surface tile and just want to add a statement piece to your already flawless floors, then a field tile is the perfect fit for you. Field tiles are placed in the center of a room, coming in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials offering a smooth and seamless look for your space.

Moldings & Trims

One of the most character-building accents to a room besides a beautiful set of tiles, is the moldings and trims that surround them. Crown molding can effortlessly transform your outdated home into a modern space that is seamless and aesthetically pleasing. Trims and moldings, like tiles, come in all shapes and sizes and can be installed in any area of your home.

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