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  • Laminate Cabinets for residential and commercial needs

    When it comes to kitchen renovations, kitchen cabinetry can take over 30% of the final renovation budget. Because of this, many homeowners are using cost-effective materials to provide the stunning look they want at a lower cost. Laminate is low-cost and durable – it won’t warp, resists fade and holds up to daily use throughout your home.

    Our laminate cabinetry comes in two options: high-pressure and low-pressure. High-pressure laminate is the higher quality product. These cabinets are made by applying a synthetic material to particleboard. This material proves to be incredibly durable. Low-pressure laminate is used on low-quality cabinets and is not as durable.

  • Advantages of using laminate for cabinets:

    • Affordable
    • Durable
    • Doesn’t Warp
    • Fade-Resistant
    • Variety of Colors & Patterns
    • Flat Panel Style Only

  • Laminate Cabinetry Manufacturers

    We work with the top brands to ensure the best possible products for our customers. Contact our staff to schedule a design consultation. We’ll be sure to go over all the options with you, including selections from the following manufacturers:

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