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  • Laminate Cabinets for residential and commercial needs

    Looking for a durable cabinet material that offers a variety of cosmetic possibilities while not costing an arm and a leg? When it comes to kitchen renovations, cabinetry can take over 30% of the final budget. Because of this, many homeowners are turning to laminate cabinets to provide the stunning look they want at a lower cost. Laminate is low-cost and durable – it won’t warp, resists fade, and holds up to daily use throughout your home.

    Our laminate cabinetry comes in two options: high-pressure and low-pressure. High-pressure laminate is a higher quality product. These cabinets are made by applying synthetic material to particleboard. This material proves to be incredibly durable. Low-pressure laminate is used on low-quality cabinets and is not as durable.

  • Advantages of using laminate for cabinets:

    • Affordable – Laminate costs far less than wood cabinet alternatives meaning that you can stretch your remodeling budget further.
    • Durable – These cabinets are very tough, proving difficult to dent or scratch. With regular cleaning, laminate will last many years.

  • • Doesn’t Warp or Fade – Kitchens often receive lots of sunlight, but with laminate cabinets, you won’t have to worry about the effect of UV rays.
    • Variety of Colors & Patterns – They may be cheaper than wood, but laminate cabinets still offer a variety of looks sure to fit any style or design of the kitchen.
    • Flat Panel Style – This style of cabinet gives your kitchen a sleek, modern, and uniform look sure to appeal to family and guests alike!

  • Laminate Cabinetry Manufacturers

    We work with the top brands to ensure the best possible products for our customers. Contact our staff to schedule a design consultation or visit our showroom to see everything we have to offer. We’ll be sure to go over all the options with you, including quality selections from the following trusted manufacturers:

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    • Laminate cabinets for your home with endless possibilities. From a pantry, to sink base, to crafting cabinets, to deep drawers for tall pots and pans.

    laminate cabinets

    • Any laminate color can be used even with the wood grain feel. There are lots of fun colors to jazz up the craft room for a relaxing atmosphere. Need a wider sink base for a bigger sink? These will accommodate up to a 45” opening.

    unique laminate cabinets

    • Laminate cabinets are flat panel doors, have adjustable shelves, and are frameless. Giving you more space in the area you choose!

    wood grain feel laminate cabinets

    • Stop by the showroom and have coffee with us. We’ll help you put together a great room!

    flat panel laminate cabinets