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What countertop material should I use for my laundry room in Carlinville, IL?

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Normally the countertop material you choose depends on what look you’re going for and how easy you need maintenance to be. When you’re choosing a countertop material for your laundry room, however, things can get a bit more complicated. Check out some of these helpful tips for choosing the best countertop material for the laundry room in your Carlinville, IL, home.


You need the countertop in your laundry room to be tough, and a slate countertop is about as tough as it gets. Another benefit to using slate countertops for your laundry room is the fact that slate isn’t porous, so it won’t absorb liquids, and it’s easy to clean. This means you don’t have to worry about dripping laundry detergent or water from the washing machine on your countertops.

Granitegranite countertops carlinville il

Granite is a popular choice for countertops in any part of a home, but specifically when it comes to laundry rooms. Granite is often praised for its durability. However, depending on what product you, and where you buy it, granite may require some maintenance. You may need to have your granite countertops resealed, and you’ll need clean them regularly. Alternatively, you can choose quality products from Modern Countertops that come with a 15-year seal before installation.


Another popular choice for new countertops in laundry rooms, quartz countertops are some of the best you can find. Just like granite and slate, quartz is a highly durable material that makes for a great laundry room countertop, especially because it’s not too difficult to clean. You won’t have to pay to have your quartz countertops resealed or use a special cleaner with a sealant inside. Quartz is also available in a range of different colors and styles to fit any decor, so you don’t have to worry about it clashing with the appliances and paint color you currently have in your laundry room.

One-Stop Shop

Once you’ve chosen a material for the countertops in the laundry room of your Carlinville, IL, home, it’s time to talk to a contractor about installing those new countertops in your home. Ray’s Countertop Shop, Inc has been serving Carlinville, IL, and surrounding areas for years, so they have the knowledge and skills to help you choose the best countertop material and make sure everything gets installed without a hitch.

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