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A home improvement showroom with countertop and tile color swatches for homeowners to choose from in Glenarm, IL.

Coffee With Customers

Want to know what it’s like to plan a kitchen or bathroom upgrade with our team? We’ve included a detailed list of the main talking points and processes we go through with each client to make their project go as smoothly as possible. As a family-owned business, our team is dedicated to making your dreams come true with high-quality products and installation services. So to get an insight into what you can expect when sitting down with Ray’s Countertop Shop, Inc., grab a coffee, and let’s get started!

Showroom Appointment

Each visit to our warehouse starts with a personalized showroom appointment. Our showrooms feature the newest and most favored countertop, tiles, sinks, and faucets that customers can choose from. During your showroom appointment, one of our team members will discuss the pricing, availability, and maintenance needed for each project to give you an idea of the project duration from start to finish. To schedule a showroom appointment, give our shop a call at 217.483.2514.

Two women smiling and sitting next to each other at a grey table discussing future countertop project plans in Glenarm, IL.Free Consultation

We believe that every customer should get the opportunity to know how much their project is going to cost and learn about customization options during a FREE consultation. Charging for information is against our policy, so you can feel comfortable coming into your showroom appointment without feeling pressured to pay unnecessary fees. Ray’s Countertop Shop, Inc. will answer your questions in a stress-free environment, with friendly smiles and a fresh cup of coffee to enjoy during the meeting.

We Listen to Your Needs

Ray’s Countertop Shop, Inc. wouldn’t be in business for over 45 years if we didn’t listen to the needs of our customers. As the leader in kitchen countertops for Central IL, you can count on our team to sit down and discuss every must-have you need for your kitchen or bathroom remodel project. If you’re looking for anything that isn’t at our warehouse, you can be sure that Ray’s will work with high-end manufacturers to find the products you need to customize your home. See how we listened to the needs of our clients by viewing our updated gallery from projects in Glenarm, IL.

Two women smiling and sitting next to each other at a grey table discussing future countertop project plans in Glenarm, IL.Breakdown of Project Details

Our favorite part of your showroom appointment and consultation is giving you a breakdown of everything you need to complete your project. This includes confirming dimensions, looking through pictures of your remodeling space, finding products that fit your needs, and of course, reviewing the cost of the installation service. At this part of the meeting, our customers are encouraged to go into heavy detail about their needs and budget so that our Ray’s specialist can find them the perfect products for their home. From countertops to tile and backsplash options, we’re here to help your project run smoothly.

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