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Can I do an undermount sink in my laminate kitchen countertop in Jacksonville, IL?

Here’s what you need to know about undermount sinks

Yes, you can! Ray’s has been certified for almost 20 years to install sinks into laminate countertops. The only manufacturer that will warranty an undermount sink into a laminate countertop is Karran. Any of the other sinks purchased from a box store are strictly used for Quartz/Granite applications only. Karran sinks are designed uniquely with a stone rim that adheres to the bottom of the countertop. The Karran sinks show the true beauty after installed to reveal a flush look with the deck of the countertop. Ray’s can show you the style and color options available.

Stainless Steel

stainless steel undermount sink jacksonville il

The undermount stainless steel sinks are an 18-gauge brushed 303 stainless steel. They have a sound barrier pad on the bottom to prevent unwanted noise and protection for the base of the sink. They come in several sizes from a double bowl, single bowl, or even a bowl for the bar. We have care and maintenance brochures here in the showroom for your convenience. Brushed stainless steel strainers are available with your order.


acrylic undermount kitchen sink jhacksonville il

The undermount acrylic sinks are the least expensive of them all. They come in solid white or bisque only. They are non-porous and low maintenance. No worries about scuffs or scratches just use your scotch brite and they are gone. For the coffee and tea drinkers out there, no worries, use you’re spray bleach and they look brand new! These sinks are tough and will with stand high temperatures too. When rinsing noodles in the sink make sure to keep the cold water on as a precaution. Matching sink strainers are available with your order.


quartz undermount sink jacksonville il

The undermount quartz sinks are simply gorgeous.  They come in 6 different stone colors and several styles. They are a great contrast with a new countertop to complement the overall look you’re trying to achieve. The sink strainers are available in all 6 colors or you can do a metal one to match the faucet. We try to think outside the box down here at Ray’s with endless options for the kitchen. Undermount quartz sinks are easy to maintain with soft scrub cleanser. We also have Karran Luster Pro that will keep that beautiful sheen maintained and help with water spots.  Stop by our showroom today to check them out on display!

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