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Beautiful blue, grey, and white tiled backsplash for a kitchen with dark wood cabinets and black countertops in Springfield, IL.

Benefits of a Tile Backsplash for Your Bathroom & Kitchen

Are you in the process of renovating your kitchen or bathroom? At Ray’s Countertop Shop, Inc., we recommend including a tile backsplash in your design for a multitude of reasons! Tile is one of the most common choices for homeowners looking to modernize their living space. If you are on the fence about including tile in your home, our experts in Springfield, IL are here to fill you in on the benefits a tile backsplash can have for your kitchen or bathroom. Keep reading below to learn more or give us a call today to schedule a viewing for our tile showrooms!

Protects the Walls

If you’re looking for the perfect way to improve the look of your kitchen or bathroom while adding protection to your home, Ray’s Countertop Shop, Inc.in Springfield, IL offers a variety of tile backsplash options to choose from. Tile backsplashes are mainly known for their beautiful designs that add character to your home, however, tile is actually one of the easiest ways to protect your walls from stains, grime, water damage, and overall wear and tear. Keep your walls safe from cooking grease stains by investing in a quality tile that is made to last. Speak with one of our staff today about our current tile options.

Grey and white tiled backsplash for a kitchen with light wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances in Springfield, IL.Increases the Value of Your Home

Are you thinking of putting your home on the market, but aren’t sure you’ll get what you paid for? Get the most out of your property by investing in quality updates to the kitchen and bathroom! At Ray’s Countertop Shop, Inc. in Springfield, IL, we have the perfect tile backsplash options for your kitchen or bathroom to increase the value of your home. Whether you’re looking for a classic subway tile to match your kitchen countertops or a sleek herringbone design for your bathroom, our team is here to help you find quality tile to modernize your home. Appeal to future home buyers with excellent tile options from Ray’s!

Low Maintenance

Not only does tile increase the value of your home, it actually is one of the most practical options for homeowners that aren’t looking to regularly maintain their backsplash surfaces. Our tile is extremely low maintenance, easy to clean, and won’t stain, even with the toughest messes. Once you’re tired of looking at food residue or soap grime, simply grab a warm, wet washcloth and wipe the area clean. Contact Ray’s Countertop Shop, Inc. to learn more about the low-maintenance tile options we offer at our warehouse in Springfield, IL.

Beautiful grey and white tile backsplash for a kitchen or bathroom in Springfield, IL.A Multitude of Color & Design

A benefit to choosing a tile backsplash for your kitchen or bathroom is the multitude of color and design options available. At Ray’s Countertop Shop, Inc., we work with the top manufacturers in the industry to provide our customers with a range of colors, designs, and cuts in a variety of materials for your backsplash renovation. Complement the color scheme of your home with neutral tile colors or choose a bold color to make your space stand out, whatever you envision for your backsplash project, we can accommodate! Contact our shop today at (217) 483-2514 and speak to one of our tile experts to schedule a showroom visit so that you can see our beautiful tile options for yourself.

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