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Whether you're looking for laminate, marble, quartz / granite, or solid surface countertops, Ray's Countertop Shop Inc. can help you find the countertop of your dreams. Trust our large selection and let us help you get the look that you want for your home. Find out more

A countertop is only a part of the kitchen experience. Don't forget about the sink; Ray's Countertop Shop Inc. certainly hasn't. We can install expert undermount and drop-in sinks; in addition, we have brand-name faucets for you to pick from. Get yours today

At Ray's Countertop Shop Inc., your FREE quote will be the price you see on your bill. We get the dimensions, the color, the requested appliances, and everything else we need to give you an exact number. You can trust our expert staff. Start the process

We have special pricing for churches and apartments. Trust our excellent customer service.


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