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  • Entertaining is something homeowners dream of when thinking of their outdoor space. One of the best ways to heighten the look and feel of your backyard is by adding a custom, natural stone countertop on your patio. Whether you’re thinking of turning your outdoor space into a bar, kitchen, or fire-pit area, a countertop can come in handy for almost all occasions both on your own or with guests. At Ray’s Countertop Shop, Inc., we know how important it is for our clients to get the best products for their outdoor spaces, that’s why we put together a list of the best countertop materials to shop for when buying for your patio.


    Granite is one of the top choices for homeowners looking to install a new countertop, both indoors and outdoors. As an outdoor patio top, granite is a great selection due to the varying styles, colors, and designs available as well as the durability of the material. You’ll never have to worry about water or food stains, and scratches are a thing of the past. At Ray’s Countertop Shop, Inc., we have several selections of granite from both our in-stock and overstock inventories. Stop by today to find a granite countertop to go with your outdoor entertainment space in Glenarm, IL.


    Three people sitting and standing around a natural porcelain outdoor countertop while preparing food for a meal in Glenarm, IL.Porcelain countertops, while not as popular, are still a fantastic option for your outdoor patio tops. Not only is porcelain one of the most durable countertops materials on the market, but they are completely resistant to water, fire, and stains. Slabs of porcelain countertops are one of the most hygienic options you can go with for your outdoor patio due to their non-porous surface. Unfortunately, porcelain is on the more expensive side, however, you can always find incredible deals at Ray’s Countertop Shop, Inc. in Glenarm, IL. We’re here to help you find the perfect porcelain slab countertop for your outdoor patio.


    Quartzite, not to be confused with man-made quartz, is a natural stone material that is created within the earth and under incredible heat and pressure. Naturally, quartzite is an optimal choice for homeowners looking to have a reliable, waterproof, and stunning-looking countertop for their outdoor spaces. Whether you’re preparing a meal on your quartzite surface or entertaining around the surface, you’ll never have to worry about staining, scratching, burning, or heavy maintenance. To browse through our quartzite options, or to find a custom piece for your outdoor space, contact Ray’s Countertop Shop, Inc. today at 217.483.2514.

    Outdoor Sinks

    A dual basin sink and modern faucet that is installed into granite countertops for an outdoor kitchen in Glenarm, IL.Don’t forget to pair your new stone countertop with a custom outdoor sink. Our outdoor sinks are great for hand washing, meal prepping, and even filling water balloons for the kiddos. Some of the most important things to remember when buying a sink for your natural stone countertop are how often you wish to maintain your sink, the durability of the basin, and water line connections. At Ray’s Countertop Shop, Inc., we recommend stainless steel sinks that are sure to withstand any natural elements and use for years to come.