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  • Laminate Cabinets

    July 15, 2019
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    • Laminate cabinets for your home with endless possibilities. From a pantry, to sink base, to crafting cabinets, to deep drawers for tall pots and pans.

    laminate cabinets

    • Any laminate color can be used even with the wood grain feel. There are lots of fun colors to jazz up the craft room for a relaxing atmosphere. Need a wider sink base for a bigger sink? These will accommodate up to a 45” opening.

    unique laminate cabinets

    • Laminate cabinets are flat panel doors, have adjustable shelves, and are frameless. Giving you more space in the area you choose!

    wood grain feel laminate cabinets

    • Stop by the showroom and have coffee with us. We’ll help you put together a great room!

    flat panel laminate cabinets